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Kimberly Ovitz on Jenna Lyons and What She's Eating After Her Show

Less than an hour before the Spring 2013 Kimberly Ovitz collection was revealed, I stopped by the show venue for a few words with brand's eponymous designer. I found her sitting by the runway, walking the models through a last minute dress rehearsal.

As the music blared over the speakers and each girl—wearing a tousled fishtail braid and soft, ethereal makeup—marked her place on the runway, Kimberly and I chatted about the clothes and her post-presentation plans.

I've heard that before you started all this you actually interned with Jenna Lyons.
I did!

Any crazy intern stories?
No, she was the most amazing person to work for. And she's still a friend. She's an amazing woman.

So I saw some of the pieces hanging backstage, they're really beautiful. What was your main inspiration while designing them?
I was inspired by this Kazakhstani performance artist—Almagul Menlibayeva. She creates fictitious imagery that evokes something very spiritual and ritualistic, but not of any sort of religion. And she gives a very clear message to make your own mythology and I thought that was really cool, too.

It must be nice for you that everything will be done so early in NYFW. Are you excited to let loose after this?
Yes, YES. But then I have market on Monday so I don't get to totally relax.

What's the first real meal you'll sit down and have to celebrate?
Um, I am on a raw diet so it will probably be something like…I don't know. Probably sushi!

You should go to One Lucky Duck down the street at Chelsea Market!*
Haha I should!

*Fashion Week Tip: One Lucky Duck is a raw take-out food place is the Meatpacking District. Even if you aren't on a strict diet, it sells amazing doesn't-taste-like-health-food smoothies (many in chocolate, coconut and peanut butter-y flavors) AND is right across the street from Milk Studios. Sooo, if you need something to keep you energy up between shows….

Photo: Courtesy of Kimberly Ovitz

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