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Mackage Introduces Coats for Kids

On the scale of adorableness, tiny outerwear is even more "aww!"-inducing than most kidswear. Especially when it makes small children look like teeny marshmallows with heads and hands sticking out, it's just extra, extra cute, even more so than 2-inch long mary janes.

But the swoon-worthy part of  Mackage's new kidswear line, Mackage Mini, isn't its sweetness. Instead of an overload of puffy, pastel-colored cuddly-ness, the coats and jackets are either a little refined or a tad rocker. There's a burgundy, curved hem pea coat with an exaggerated collar (at left) that looks like it made its way straight from a Downton Abbey skeet shoot to a small child's body, and a fur-trimmed bomber puffer Gwen Stefani's kids would love.

Like the rest of the collection, both are sort of adult clothes shrunk to a little people scale, but since it's outerwear not skimpy cocktail dresses, they're precious in their precociousness. Ranging from $395 for smaller sizes to $450 for larger kids, the coats aren't exactly cheap—but then again, they're pretty cool (and they look like they'd keep kids really, really warm, too).

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