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Make Room for Fashion: Falling for Colored Jeans All Over Again

I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of fun with bright, colorful jeans this summer. Maybe I was a little late to the party—it feels like J.Brand and co. started really playing with color in 2011—but there was a reason I proceeded with precaution. After seeing students walking around NYU in their reds and yellows and pinks, I wasn’t so sure a mom (albeit a stylish one, I hasten to say) could pull off the look.

Here’s what I found. Not only do colored jeans give your denim collection a 180-degree makeover, but you somehow feel a little brighter just knowing you’re stepping out in shades far beyond grey.

Not to mention that they distract from other areas of concern: Bad hair day, no make-up? No problem. No one’s looking at your face, everyone’s looking at your jeans!

I went for three pairs—red, tangerine and turquoise—and I wear them at night with heels and in the day with flats. In fact, during a trip to Los Angeles this summer, I proudly wore my lipstick-red J Brand zipper jeans with my favorite nude heels, and two guys stopped me to tell me how great my pants were…. (And yes, I bragged about it to my husband later).

So with fall just around the corner, must we give up on our vibrant summery denims in favor of ordinary blue jeans?

Fortunately, the answer is no. After some decidedly focused window shopping, and after speaking to some fashion forecaster friends of mine, I am now confident that color will continue to dominate the denim market for fall. Richer, darker, autumnal shades such as burnt orange, bottle green, eggplant, and mustard yellow are already on display. Summer brights will still make an appearance, but as the seasons change they’ll be rendered in more laundered and faded varieties so that you can leave the sunglasses at home.


J Brand’s Zoey style in “Lava” is at the top of my shopping list for fall.

The burnt orange color is perfect for autumn, while the corduroy is a nice alternative to denim.

The laundered pastel color of this midrise skinny legged jean is easier to pair with cold weather tops—such as blazers and sweaters—than brighter pinks, blues and yellows.

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