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Marc Jacobs Spring 2013: Belle du Stripes

At this point in New York Fashion Week Spring 2013, those '90s references are starting to get a little repetitive. Sure, florals and overalls and glow-in-the-dark shirts are cute and young and fun, but am I really gonna wear ripped-up acid wash jeans? No.

That's why Marc Jacobs' Spring 2013 collection was such a welcome, euphoric moment. I literally cheered—wild fist pumps and all—as the first model walked down the runway.

The look—from bouffant ponytail to pilgrim heels—was very Belle du Jour, very '60s, very Marc. Not a ditsy floral in sight.

The most wearable outfits were skirt suits and coats paired with sensible shoes—I loved the black and white striped version best. But the most special were the final dresses: they were long with a drop waist and made entirely from sequins, some patterned into stripes, others into crosshatch basket-weave, others into a checkerboard. Rachel Zoe, taking photo after photo in the front row, was undoubtedly "dying." So was I. Thanks to Mr. Jacobs for making this week worth it, yet again.

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