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Marc by Marc Jacobs' New Elizabeth Peyton Tee Is a Stroke of Genius

Marc Jacobs certainly has a soft spot for painter Elizabeth Peyton; in addition to owning a number of her works, Marc's even been immortalized on several of the artist's famously dreamy canvases. Now, he's paying tribute to Peyton with a limited-edition tee featuring—you guessed it—one of those very portraits of himself. Pretty meta, right?

The particular print seen on these tees was featured in Peyton's 2008 "Live Forever" exhibit at the New Museum, and depicts Marc in his shaggier-haired, slightly softer-angled days. Starting today, you can pick one up for $78 at any Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Animal Medical Center (one of Peyton's favorite causes)—making this particular purchase as philanthropic as it is artistic.

Photos courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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