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Marissa Webb Discusses Her Spring 2013 Fashion Week Debut

If there's one thing that every single Lucky editor shares, it's a deep-seated love of all things J.Crew. So when we learned months back that the retailer's former head of womenswear, Marissa Webb, was launching her own ready-to-wear collection for Spring 2013, we knew it'd be one of the most buzzed-about outings of the whole week.

We stopped by Webb's presentation this morning—her first-ever solo show—to find a beautiful mix of moody watercolor plaid silks, tutu-style leather skirts, mint green sequined separates and graphic black-and-white looks. If some of the models looked like they'd stepped right out of J.Crew's window displays, we mean that in the best possible sense. After snapping some photos, we caught up with Webb to discuss her new collection.

Lucky: Congrats on your Fashion Week debut! What was your inspirational jumping-off point this season?

Marissa Webb: It's a mix of hard and soft, a mix of architecture and nature. I placed really structured fabrics alongside lots of silks, and played around with proportion.

How is designing for your own woman—the Marissa Webb woman—different from designing for J.Crew?

For this collection, I really just focused on my personal aesthetic, as well as on those special pieces I think any woman could wear. If there's even one item from this collection that they covet and want in their closet, I'd be thrilled.

In that case, we'll take that peach collared day dress. How did you discover those pretty washed-out plaids?

They're by this amazing artist in Brooklyn. All we did was recolor them and then fit them into the fabrication.

Leather's obviously a huge trend right now, and we see plenty of it here. Have you always loved working with it?

Leather is forever! It's nothing new to me.

Lastly, we have to ask about these amazing ankle-strap pumps. Did you make them yourself, or are they a collaboration?

They're all ours! My favorite thing about them is what's underneath. [She raises her own foot to show off her sole of her stiletto, which is imprinted with a mint green "T" shape.] It's my signature! So when you're walking in them…

You make a dramatic exit. Love.

Click through for our favorite looks from Marissa Webb's Spring 2013 collection. Photos courtesy of WWD/Kyle Ericksen.

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