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Music Mood Board: Chris Benz's Spring 2013 Playlist

While we wait with bated breath to see what New York's top designers will show at Spring 2013 Fashion Week, we're equally excited about the music our favorite talents are loving right now. It's about more than just a simple runway playlist—we wanted to get the scoop on the songs that are inspiring these designers and informing their entire creative process, too. So we asked some of our industry favorites to divulge their current tunes of choice—and now, we're sharing them with you!

If we had a "Most Original" award of some sort to give for this playlist feature, we'd have to hand it over to Chris Benz. Placing Bieber alongside Marilyn Manson and Salt-N-Pepa next to Fiona Apple, his mix is just about as mixed-up as they come. Have a listen to the playful, pink-haired designer's songs of the moment below.

Pictured: An inspirational snapshot from Chris Benz's Spring 2013 collection

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