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Music Mood Board: Mathieu Mirano's Spring 2013 Playlist

The Spring 2013 New York shows are in full swing, but our designer music mixes just keep on coming! Runway playlists are great and all, but we want to know which songs are inspiring our favorite designers and informing their entire creative process, too. So we asked some of our industry favorites to divulge their current tunes of choice—and now, we're sharing them with you!

NYC up-and-comer Mathieu Mirano has a background in classical piano and got his start designing formal gowns. Given such a romantic background, it's no surprise that his playlist is full of mellow indie beats, experimental sounds and—yes—a little Stravinsky. Check it out to chill out.

Pictured: An inspirational snapshot from Mathieu Mirano's Spring 2013 collection

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