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NYFW Spring 2013: Brandon Sun Eats Papa John's and Makes Beautiful Clothes

Arriving at Brandon Sun's presentation last Tuesday morning, I was bleary eyed and my extra large latte had yet to kick in. But the early hour seemed to have no effect on the designer, who excitedly bounced from person to person, shaking hands and posing for pictures.

Observing the collection, I realized that that he must be one of those rare people blessed with limitless energy. Such attention to detail requires a lot of sleepless nights. Instead of a regular cardigan, Sun's version was covered in salmon-colored fur patches. His simple sheath dresses were belted with layers of elegant spikes. He topped slim pencil skirts with plush, textured scarves.

When I finally caught up with the man of the hour—somewhere between his interview with Fern Mallis and hugging a friend—he told me a little bit more himself, his line and his inspirations.

Your RTW label is still very new. Tell me a little bit about how it all started.
I launched a ready-to-wear collection with my fur collection during the fall. It was just sort of an experiment. But then there was such a great response to it that we decided for spring to go all out. So this is our first fully conceived vision.

I notice that you've incorporated fur in most of the looks here. Has that always been your main focus?
Well, I worked for a long time with J.Mendel and when I was there I did everything—from furs to coats to dresses. But fur was always in my blood and always what I wanted to do. I was just looking for the right moment to expand.

Tell me a little bit about the inspiration for all this.
I just think there is so much going on in the world today. So my philosophy in life is sort of about the Tao, to allow things to happen based on ALL the influences around you. So this is based on the hope around all the Mars expeditions, politics, women's rights—all those types of things. They're all on my mind—a whole bunch of things! And (motions around the space, which is filled with the sound of techno beats) crazy music!

I know first hand that NYFW means a lot of eating on the run and skipped meals for fashion people. What's your first real dinner going to be now that it's over?
You know, I've been having real meals every night! Except, they're really bad for me. Papa John's everything pizza with buffalo wings! Tastes great, but it's not really good for me, my body doesn't really like it too much.

Hard to get up in the morning?
Yes! But I have to get up, kick myself and keep going.