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NYFW Spring 2013: Donna Karan Goes All Avatar On Us

Once brand face Ashley Greene was escorted to her front-row seat, the lights dimmed and Donna Karan's show began, we immediately caught strains of a very familiar piece of cinematic music. We couldn't put our finger on it at the time, but the second the final walk has finished, our own John Jannuzzi leaned over and said "That's the theme from Avatar!" Oh, riiiiight.

Donna did well to select music from a movie that demonstrated the importance of the natural world. Hints of the great outdoors—albeit the great outdoors as seen through a Manhattanite's eyes—were everywhere in this collection. Models, their eyes rimmed with Pepto-pink kohl (not exactly the traditional Na'vi blue, but whatever), wore minimal, draped halter dresses seemingly made from a single, uncut swath of silk.

There were also completely sheer skirts decorated with tone-on-tone "branchwork" and coats and boleros trimmed with fluttering raffia fringe that mimicked the look of weeping willows. Peachy nudes, mint green and a few hits of vibrant rose came together for a color palette that nodded to both the land and the sea. And lending just the smallest touch of futuristic cool to the proceedings? The curling, curving headbands and armbands the models wore, which were made of either frosted or completely clear Lucite. "I see you," indeed.

Photos: Fairchild Archive

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