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NYFW Spring 2013: Jonathan Simkhai Is a California Dreamer, Loves Coachella

Young designer Jonathan Simkhai must have Lords of Dogtown on his mind—his Spring 2013 girl is a total tomboy, though a decidedly glamorous one. Models at his presentation wore dressed-up takes on the classic boardshort, some in leather and others in multicolored floral taffeta. Fancy track pants and leather shifts came trimmed with drawstrings and laces—this collection was all about sporty, laid-back utility. And while palm-leaf prints and beachy pastel tones were totally West Coast, a black short-sleeved Baja jacket would fit right in on the mean streets of NYC.

Accessories were another major highlight, with RETROSUPERFUTURE's mirrored sunglasses and delicate necklaces that spelled out "V-E-N-I-C-E" finishing off most looks. Read on for our quickie chat with up-and-comer.

Lucky: We feel like we've jetted off to Cali right now. What inspired these clothes?

Jonathan Simkhai: The collection is inspired by the skater revolution in the 1970s, when the surfer boys got off their boards and put wheels on them. We looked at a lot of boardshort details…we did leather boardshorts, brocade boardshorts. It's about bringing that carefree beach feel to the city.

The prints—leaves, florals, ombré—are very Golden State.

Yeah! See that green woven skirt over there, with those horizontal lines? That was inspired by the inside of a pool, the border right underneath the edge it meets the water. And a lot of the florals came from classic Hawaiian shirt prints.

Sounds like you've got vacation on the brain. Where's the last great place you traveled?

Well, I went to Coachella, which is always amazing…

We've already bought our 2013 tickets in the presale!

I got mine too! We'll hang out.

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