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NYFW Spring 2013: Mrs. Bono Thinks Flats and Confidence Are Really Important

After catching EDUN's Spring 2013 fashion show, I slipped backstage to find the brand's co-founder Ali Hewson—aka Mrs. Bono—having a hair model moment. Standing in front of a giant fan, her dark curls billowed freely and she looked relaxed and happy.

"It's really hot back here," she explained before stepping away from the breeze. "But we should talk over here, you'll NEVER hear me over that. Sorry!"

After assuring her I was just fine since I had just switched from stilettos to flats ("That's smart," she told me "Someone just asked me what my essential equipment for fashion week was and I was like, 'Flat shoes!'"), she filled me in on the new collection and how she's celebrating post-show.

I know that you source a lot of your materials from Africa and many of your collections have a urban safari thing happening. Is that intentional? Does your designer team travel to Africa a lot?
I think Africa is just in our being! But actually, this collection is not inspired by Africa. It's more about duality, which we've done every season. This more about being soft, with a little bit of an edge. So we asked, 'What is a women's most intimate place?' And really, you are softest in the bedroom. So we took that to the street, putting a protective layer over it. It's quite beautiful. You can see in the collection, the camo prints going over the delicate silk pieces.

What type of women do you picture wearing this line?
Just someone who is fresh and has an open approach to life. Confident!

Right? I think that if you're confident you can wear almost anything.
I think it's true—not overconfident. Just, someone who knows who she is.

I've been asking everyone thisprobably I've been to busy to eat much myself this weekbut what will your first celebratory meal be now that you're done?
I'm actually going to Hudson Clearwater tonight. It's a great restaurant.

Do you know what your ordering? Let me live vicariously through you!
I have no idea…whatever's left! Because by the time I get there, the kitchen might be closed!