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Naomi Campbell! Backstage! At Zac Posen!

She breezed in half an hour before show time—gorgeous, long hair billowing out behind her like a silk cape; lean legs taking her several feet in one stride—sat down, pulled out her cell phone and started talking as the manicurist, makeup artist and hair stylist frantically descended on her. A second circle, this one of admirers, milling-around-backstage people and journalists closed in next—jotting notes, surreptitiously and not-so-surreptitiously snapping iPhone photos and waiting for the super-model to tuck her phone away so they could get in one little question, one tap on the shoulder to make her look their way for an instant.

Naomi eventually did get off the phone, but was whisked away before I could ask her secrets to getting hair that shiny and skin that gorgeous. I did get this picture of her with her eyes closed—looking as fabulous as ever, of course.

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