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Plus Size Options: Lucky's October Issue

It's fall! And with it, comes magazines filled with gorgeous prints and luxe fabrics in endless clever combinations. The style obsessed drink it all in, making notes for future purchases and outfit interpretations.

But plus-size women face a challenge: we know that trends often reach our clothing lines last. Will we be able to find any of fall's hot items cut for our figures? The answer, of course, is yes and no. Some you’ll find, and some you won’t. And some will take a LOT of shopping to find. That’s not such bad news, is it?

My advice: Pick one piece in an outfit and find something as similar as possible, and then adapt the rest of the outfit to your life and your body. Get outfit-adjacent, if you will. By taking the trends and then making them work for you, you’ll go from follower to style-leader.

One of my favorite looks in October’s Lucky is on page 138. It features a beautiful green top covered in ruffles, black leather pants, and a maroon jacket with leather sleeves. The hottest part of that outfit has to be the leather pants, so that’s where I started. Fortunately, they were the easiest to track down, at ASOS CURVE for $155.21.

I love that they’re cut as trousers instead of jeggings, and those stretch panels at the side should keep the leather from sagging very nicely!

The ruffled top caught my eye next, since it contrasts so well with the leather pants. I wanted to find something with a more open neck, since any well-endowed lady knows that a crew neck and a large bust line do NOT mix. Ruffled shirt, open neckline, DONE.

The crisp white cotton from of this shirt from Lauren Ralph Lauren ($85) lends extra polish to the pants, and the ruffles are flattering without being overwhelming. But if those ruffles are just not working for you, consider a tuxedo shirt with a pintuck bib front. The pleats create visual interest without adding bulk. You’ll still get the same soft/edgy contrast, but no heft.

I admit that I veered wildly in choosing the jacket. Since I live in Los Angeles, I didn’t want anything too heavy that I couldn’t wear very often. But I still wanted some color, since the outfit is currently black and white. I found exactly what I was looking for at Eloquii by The Limited.

A tailored jacket in a gorgeous color for $109. What could be better? This jacket works for day or night, and the higher position of the button creates a narrow waistline for those of us who don’t come with our own.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a duplicate of the harness belt featured in the magazine, but I think a great way to interpret that look would be to add some skinny belts in a taupe patent. (The one I featured above is also from Eloquii and cost $24.90.)

You could order a few sizes too big, and then layer them over your hips, if you tuck your shirt in. If you leave your shirt out, the belts may be too much. It’s just a matter of what’s working for you.

All that’s left is to add some solid accessories, and a great pair of shoes. I don’t know about you, but this is my favorite part. Accessories bring your pieces together into an outfit. They put the period on the sentence, so to speak. Without them, you’re just wearing a top and bottoms, but with them, you’ve thoughtfully assembled an outfit, which says that you’re likely to think things through conscientiously. Like it or not, we live in a visual society, and people will always make assumptions about you based on your appearance. You know you’re awesome. Make sure everyone else does, too!

I found these $195 booties at Duo Boots, which is a wonderful website that sells gorgeous shoes in different widths, but more importantly, you can order boots from them based on your calf measurement! Awesome, right? I haven’t ordered a pair yet, but if you have, please let me know how it worked out.

Also awesome? They have free worldwide shipping.

The final accessory:

I love the gunmetal trim of this bracelet ($30) with the fuschia jacket.

And that’s it! A look from October’s Lucky Magazine, translated into pieces plus size women we'll feel fantatstic in. Enjoy it...and happy shopping!

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