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Pomellato 67 Brings High Jewelry Back Down to Earth

I love clothes, I love accessories, but I'm not one to spend on fine jewelry. The fanciest thing I wear is my wedding ring, which is vintage, demure and cost way less than three months of my husband's salary. Buying diamonds is just not something that interests me—I'd much rather put that money towards a mortgage or—more realistically—a Celine bag.

But over the past few years, I've learned to appreciate the beauty of Pomellato, whose collections are sleek and sturdy—in the chicest way possible. The bracelets, for instance, carry real weight—it feels like you're wearing something extravagant—but they're fairly minimalist in style. (Maybe that's why Tilda Swinton is such a fitting campaign star.)

Pomelatto 67—the latest collection from the brand, named after the year it was founded—makes it easier for women like me to invest in a bauble or two. Because it's made from sterling silver and marcasite, instead of gold and diamond, the pieces carry the same aesthetic at much more reasonable prices. A pair of Pomelatto 67 silver and quartz earrings, for instance, cost $1,045. A similar style made in rose gold and blue topaz are $4,500. Both pairs are a big financial commitment, but Pomelatto 67 gives us more options.

Click through to shop the collection, currently available at Saks.com.