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Santigold on Gerlan Jeans' Spring 2013 Collection and Bringing Horses Onstage

Gerlan Marcel's Gerlan Jeans show might have taken place on the final day of Fashion Week, but those in the front row were showing no signs of NYFW fatigue. We spotted Kelly Osbourne, Rye Rye, Angela Simmons and Katy Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek upon entering the venue—plus one of our favorite singers, Santi White (aka Santigold), who was wearing a truly awesome pair of silver wedge creepers.

The show kicked off with a tribute to Minnie Mouse (an actual collaboration with Disney), all oversized bows and blown-up polka dots. Models wore multi-colored "Minnie ears" created out of braided buns, a look that we'd advise test-driving in the workplace but which looked adorable on the runway. Later looks included nude bodysuits completely covered in "Gerl Power!" buttons and a number of pink camouflage ensembles. And in a nod to Russian feminist rockers Pussy Riot, three models wore brightly colored face masks during the final walk. Suffice it to say this wasn't a collection for wallflowers.

Backstage after the show, we chatted with Santigold about her friendship with Gerlan and why she has her bandmates wear a two-person horse costume during her live shows—because honestly, who hasn't wondered about that?

Lucky: What did you think of the collection? Kind of crazy, no?

Santigold: I thought it was amazing. I loved the clothes and I really loved the hair! The Pussy Riot tribute at the end was great, too.

Have you known Gerlan for a long time?

I've known OF Gerlan for a very long time—and then we just recently met a couple months ago and have been in touch ever since. But i did come to her very first show! I can't even remember how long ago that was, but it was at Patricia Field's house. So I've been a fan for a long time.

I can't help thinking you could actually pull off a lot of these looks, because your onstage costumes are always so theatrical. Do you have a favorite performance outfit or prop that you've used?

The horse, for sure! That one was easy, actually—I didn't even have to make it myself or anything. I LOVE horses [Ed. note: OMG, so do we!]. And I love anything unexpected onstage...making a show about more than just watching music, so it becomes a physical experience of its own.

Have you been to any other shows this week?

I went to Jeremy Scott before, but that was it. I was out of town before that. I kind of just like to go to my friends' shows sometimes—otherwise it's just so much, you know? I missed Alex Wang's show this year, so I was a little bummed about that.

Photos: BFAnyc.com (above), Dan Lecca (below)

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