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Tragic Kingdom album cover, remixed.
If you're the only girl in a band full of dudes, you have to wear badass jeans.

British-punk-infused, with just the right amount of retro librarian: Gwen would love it. She may already have it.

A sleeker version of Gwen's cropped muscle tees, it would look perfectly polished with high-waisted skirt and just a sliver of midriff showing.
For Gwen, the best part is actually being able to dance in them on stage. For us, it's being able to run errands without wobbly Barbie legs, which never look cool and casual.
Wear it with jeans, with leather pants, with cocktail dresses, with everything.
A traditional pattern spun in fresh, sorta funky way: it's just so Gwen.
Gwen's a cat eye girl, not an aviator one. So are we.

Vampy yet classic: we're glad this makeup look stuck around instead of the Smurf blue hair and forhead bindi decals.