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Shop Anna Dello Russo's NYFW Style

Until this month, all my encounters with Anna Dello Russo have been by way of street style blogs. Part of me didn't believe she really existed. In my mind, ADR was just a lovely fashion fantasy, like @ChoupetteDiary's fictitious tweets or one of those blindly beautiful Vogue spreads with 12 supermodels wearing nothing but men's button-downs.

However, this week the Vogue Nippon editor-at-large had an H&M collection to promote and runway shows to attend, so I got to see her in person for the very first time. And you guys—it's real, all of it. The head-to-toe outfits, the ability to pose and look candid at the same time, the genetically-blessed friends.

ADR is probably en route to the United Kingdom right now for London Fashion Week, bringing a fresh new wardrobe with her. But before her last seven days of outfits are buried in the blogosphere, let's take a few moments to appreciate them.

Click through the slideshow below to see Anna Dello Russo's Spring 2013 NYFW style and shop similar looks.

ARD started her NYFW with cut-outs and cake at special event for her H&M collaboration. Click through to shop her look.

Getty for H&M