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Shop the Trend: Overalls Everywhere for Spring 2013

When I was 11, I had three pairs of overalls I kept on constant rotation. One pair was basic denim and the second had a fur-trimmed, googly eyed alien head on it. My favorites, however, were the color of a yellow highlighter.

Whenever I had a "dress to impress" type of occasion to attend—such as the monthly "Kid's Night Out Dance" or my best friend's bowling birthday party—I would parade about in my sunshine one-piece and neon Keds. Then came middle school, and I traded my signature item for a tube top and flared jeans. (As, if you are over the age of 23, you probably did, too.) My beloved bibbed trousers were packed up, donated to the Salvation Army and forgotten—until this NYFW.

This morning as I watched silky overalls march down the runway at Ruffian, I realized that its only three days into fashion month and I've already spotted three variations of the '90s-tastic style, some even with one strap un-hooked à la Salt N' Pepa. I think it's safe to officially call it a spring trend. Since my inner fifth grader can't wait six months, I've found some options available online now.

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Overalls at BCBG, Ruffian and Rebecca Minkoff

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