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Simon Doonan and Anna Sui Chat About Supermodels, Vintage Shopping and Karl Lagerfeld

Our Lucky FABB conference closed yesterday with a onstage talk between Barneys' legendary Creative Ambassador-at-Large, Simon Doonan, and iconic New York designer, Anna Sui. With such prolific careers, these two had lots of fun stories and insightful ideas to share.

Here's what stuck with us:

Anna Sui on supers Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington helping her with her very first fashion show: "Linda was backstage dressing people. 'She was like 'Hurry up! You got to get these boots on faster!'"

And on Karl Lagerfeld's response when so many models wore her clothes in the '90s: "Karl got upset and was like 'Anna, Anna, who is this Anna!' Because everyone was wearing my label."

Anna on traveling with her extended family (Simon said she looks like "Maria Von Trapp" at the airport) and why she does it: "It's harder and harder to find somewhere exotic to go to. Somewhere where there isn't a McDonald's around the corner and Starbucks down the street. And who better to explore the world with than my nieces and nephews who are as excited and curious about the world as I?"

After calling Anna a "big flea market hag," Simon's own thoughts on second-hand shopping: "When I think about vintage shopping, I think about all the things I should have bought but didn't."

Simon on street style: "People say 'What are the trends from Paris?' and I say 'Lets talk about the trends from the street' Because they are a lot more compelling."

Simon, after admitting he doesn't really like the bun hairstyle: "Enjoy your bun, fashion is fleeting. There are no faux pas—this is a caring environment."

Simon on the phrase "genius": "I think Steven Meisel popularized the phrase genius. No one used to use it in popular culture. All roads lead to Steven."

Simon on Anna Sui's talent for decorating: "If you ever marry a really rich man and have a gorgeous apartment you must come begging on your hands and knees to for Anna to decorate it. She's GENIUS. Talk about fabulosity."

And, on Anna's own apartment looks like: "Opium den, Victorian brothel, swanky, sex industry-ey…"

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