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Snap Poll: Would You Wear Goggle Glasses?

Back in Full House's TGIF* glory days, there was an episode when Stephanie, the middle child, got prescription glasses. Of course, she hid them in her backpack, didn't wear them and bumped into lots of things. This caused everyone to be all like, "Dude, what's up with Stephanie?" Her secret was discovered; heart-to-hearts and hugs ensued.

I remember observing the pair they used in the show—thick-rimmed monstrosities that obscured the upper half of her face—and thinking that how lucky I was to have 20/20 vision. But now, I'm totally jealous. Not only did MissTanner's specs make her look like a mini Jenna Lyons before everyone wanted to be a mini Jenna Lyons, but they're right on trend for spring.

Geeky goggles were predominantly featured at both Milly and Tracy Reese's show. And they made an appearance at DVF, too—although those versions, a collaboration with Google, were more high tech than the others. Unfortunately, unlike poor ahead-of-her-time Stephanie, my clear eyesight prevents me from fully trying this look. I will, however, purchase a pair of sunglasses in the silhouette once they hit the market. Will you?

*Side note: I don't think I've ever been T-ing GIF so much as I am today! We all survived NYFW!

photos left: Fanpop.com

photos below: Tracy Reese (WWD/George Chinsee), Milly (WWD/Robert Mitra), DVF (Fairchild Archive)