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Spotted at Diane von Furstenberg: Sarah Jessica Parker, Dresses Over Pants and Google Goggles

Whenever a celebrity turns up at New York Fashion Week, it's par for the course for paparazzi—and guests, and even seasoned editors—to freak out. But when the star in question happens to be one of the most fashionable females on the planet, normal front-row fandom goes into overdrive. And that's exactly what happened when Sarah Jessica Parker—yes, Carrie Bradshaw herself—strolled into yesterday's Diane von Furstenberg show. Dressed in one of DvF's signature wrap dresses, SJP gamely posed for photos with the other triple-initialed style icon before taking her seat next to Bravo's Andy Cohen.

DvF and the label's creative director, Yvan Mispelaere, sent out plenty of—get this—dresses worn atop contrasting, often highly textural pants. This isn't the first time we've spotted the super-'90s look this year—Karl Lagerfeld showed tunics over trousers at his Fall 2012 show for Chanel—but we do have to wonder how many "real girls" will be daring enough to test-drive the trend. Then again, this show was reportedly inspired by Von Furstenberg's own global travels, and the collection did seem perfectly fit for a jaunt to Marrakesh or Jaipur.

And while DvF is known for her awesome accessories—we really, really want one of those lip clutches—this season's extras were far more technologically advanced than usual. A handful of models finished off their looks with a pair of Google's new Glass by Google glasses (try saying that five times fast). The science-lab-style frames, which until today had never been worn outside of Google HQ, are available to send and receive text messages, take pictures, give directions and surf the Internet. Although given the six-inch-tall platform wedges the models were wearing, we'd advise against them texting while walking.

Click through for the best dresses-over-pants moments from the collection...and yes, those "Google Goggles," too.

Photos: Fairchild Archive

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