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TV Star Special: Claire Holt's Fall Shopping List

We’ve seen her as a mermaid (H2O: Just Add Water), a vampire (on her current series, The Vampire Diaries) and even a “mean girl," (Mean Girls 2) but Lucky finally got the chance to get to know the real Claire Holt. This 24-year-old Australian native plays Rebekah, a mysterious and vindictive vampire on the CW show, basically a ticking bomb waiting to attack.

She looks pretty great as a teenage vamp with looks that kill—think consistently dark wardrobe and often braided hair—but Holt’s cool off-screen style makes her even more intriguing. Read on to see some of her favorite products, with brands ranging from French to Australian.

Holt Photo by Jesse Dittmar

Classic Leather Jacket

"I think a leather jacket is an absolute staple. It looks great with any outfit and never goes out of style. Worth the investment."