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Three Ways to Wear a Monochromatic Outfit

It's shameful it took me so long to try the monochromatic trend. By worrying that an all-purple ensemble would remind people of Barney or that only Elizabeth Olsen could pull off a red top AND bottom, I was really missing out. I could have saved myself so many stressful mornings. And gotten so many more compliments.

Now that I've finally wised up and embraced the whole one-color thing, I'm making sure you learn from my mistakes. There's no reason to be scared by a head-to-toe hue—just follow my three easy tips in the slideshow below.

Make Everything Match

To wear this trend in its purest form, do two to three pieces in exactly the same hue. It's very, VERY important that one isn't even the teeniest tiniest bit different than the others because that ruins the entire effect. As far as accessories go—have fun with them! A large swatch of bold color acts a blank canvas for crazy statement necklaces and big bangles.