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Make Everything Match

To wear this trend in its purest form, do two to three pieces in exactly the same hue. It's very, VERY important that one isn't even the teeniest tiniest bit different than the others because that ruins the entire effect. As far as accessories go—have fun with them! A large swatch of bold color acts a blank canvas for crazy statement necklaces and big bangles.


Try Color-blocking
You can also wear different shades within the same family. But you need to make sure they are on opposite ends of spectrum—otherwise it won't look deliberate. And to keep your outfit from looking too busy, don't do too many versions of the same color: two or three is ideal. Your shoes and bag need not be boring, but they definitely should be neutral.
Repeat Two Shades
If you want to do one color group head-to-toe, keep your clothes one shade and accessories another. If you like, you can mix in some simple jewelry, but not too much. The outfit is bold enough on its own.