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Today in the Community: Grown Up Graphics

Today's top stories from the Lucky Community:

Who'd have thought a sporty graphic tee could pair so well with a feminine, patterned skirt? Kids, DO try this look at home. [Rebecca Lee]

Jo drew some cats on her knees. [Jo Fletcher]

Meanwhile, Brae's kneecaps appear to be winking at us. Are statement knees the new statement shoulders? In unrelated news, her deer ring and silver glitter pumps are amazing. [Brae Luedtke]

Love it or hate it, the color creepily known as oxblood is major news for fall. Here are some shoppable pieces in the on-trend hue. [Stephanie Carper]

Think Amberly checked out our recent Shop It: Baroque story? Girl knows what's up. [Amberly D'Anna]

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