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Yoox Now Lets You Shop With Your Voice

Thanks to Yoox.com's brand-new "Speak & Shop" feature, online shopping's about to get a little easier. The e-commerce site, which just got a slick makeover, has added a voice-recognition component that allows shoppers to sort prospective purchases by color.

All you need to do is state the preferred color into your computer's microphone, then wait for the site to provide an updated selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and design pieces in that particular shade. And to keep things consistent, the kaleidoscopic-print dress worn by model Xiao Wen Ju, Yoox's current digital cover girl, will even transform to match your color choice. There's also a "multicolored" sorting option for shoppers who just can't make up their minds.

The site's team calls the "Speak & Shop" feature "retail therapy meets chromo-therapy." We call it very, very cool. Below, check out a few examples of what sorting by color looks like on the freshly-updated Yoox.com.

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online shopping