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Augden's Handcrafted Knits Are Now on Shopbop

I might get regular mani/pedis at Ten Over Ten and own a lot of J.Crew, but secretly...I'm kind of a hippie. One of my favorite weekend activities is making vegan soup from scratch and all my home cleaning supplies are organic. And—despite skepticism from my co-workers—I'm always looking for a good all-natural deodorant.

Some of my crunchy predilections, however, are too difficult to make time for. While I'd like to juice my breakfast from fresh produce every morning, it's not going to happen. I'd prefer to sleep 20 minutes longer. And between going to work and planning a wedding, I definitely don't have time to knit my own accessories from sustainably derived yarn. So, I'm doing the next best thing—buying Augden hats and scarves from Shopbop.

The e-tailer just picked up the brand's line of cozy knitwear, which is all handmade by Bolivian artisans from super-soft alpaca. Each piece is eco-friendly enough to satisfy my conscious, but the styles—slouchy berets, infinity scarves, textured turbans—are far from commune attire. So I can wear them with my J.Crew outfits while I get my fancy nail art and no one will be the wiser. Being a secret hippie has never been so good.

Click through the slideshow below to shop Augden's pieces on Shopbop now and visit Augden.com to browse its full Fall 2012 collection.