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How to Get Everything You Want For Less Than $50

From writing dozens of blog posts about under-$50 jeans, dresses, shoes, handbags—you name it, we've covered it—I've become very good at finding cheap stuff that looks amazing. And today, I'm going to share all of my secret sources and tips with you.

But be warned: Once you get going, you won't want to stop. So don't blame me if you're tired tomorrow from adding things to your digital cart at two in morning. Because once you've bought a new fall wardrobe, re-decorated your apartment, ordered something for your sister's birthday AND STILL have enough cash left for that Moda Operandi splurge...you'll want to sent me a gift. So make it a deceptively pricey-looking one.

Click through the slideshow below to start your savings spree!


For every costs-more-than-$1,000 designer accessory you're coveted, there's a much cheaper, "inspired-by" version here. And because it's handmade, it doesn't count as a knock-off!