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Sure, the last time you browsed here was the sixth grade—but if you ignore the prom and graphic tee sections, there's actually a lot of stuff that adults can wear, too. I suggest browsing the well-priced denim (this pair of black jeans would look very grown-up with a button-down) and jackets (here's an under $50 chiffon blazer—seriously!) instead.
The trick to shopping here is to skip right over the knitwear and shoes (imitation wool, cashmere and leather often looks cheap) and go right to the dresses. Anything made from a chiffon fabric (like this $19.80 red one here) or lace looks pricier than it is, especially when you accessorize it with higher-end pieces that you already own.
There are a lot of members-only T-shirt websites, but this one is my favorite. Each costs between $15 and $25, but feels like a fancy $75 James Perse tee.
It's filled with regularly re-stocked, Kate Bosworth-approved accessories that cost $30 or less. Really, do sales pitches get any better than that?
There are always a ton of affordable day dresses, slouchy button downs and accessories on this site. However, I most frequently shop here for cheapie homegoods. At first glance, it seems a little dorm room-centric—but you must have vision! This $29 fox pillow, these $44 gauzy curtains and this $34 set of colorful mixing bowls would brighten up a regular household, too.
This is the best place to go when you need to buy a thoughtful and interesting gift without spending a ton of money. Ranging from kitchy (a $12.50 timer shaped like a chicken) to stylish (bags for under $50!) to hilarious (a baby pacifier with a mustashe for $12), there's a little something for everyone.
I would say that about 75 percent of this brand's vintage-inspired designs won't cost you more than $50 and 100 percent of them would win the approval of Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton. (Especially this nautical-inspired one here, for $44.99.) That's some math I like.
Since American Eagle is basically all I wore during high school, it took me awhile to re-visit the website. But I'm so happy I finally did. While I don't plan on re-visiting the logo plastered hoodies, it's a great source for basic denim (I like these skinny jeans for $34.99 best), cozy layers (such as this $39.95 cotton sweater) and easy day dresses (this one has pastels, pleats and only costs $39.99).
Old Navy has way, way more than performance fleece and cargo jeans these days. This is the place to go when you need to stock up on a bunch of everyday basics (striped shirts for $8.50, $49.94 cotton anoraks and $12 lightweight scarves) so you can shell out for something extra-special later.
Although there are some items way above $50 here, those are interspersed with tons of equally good, lower-priced options. So ignore any $300 dresses you can't afford, and focus on this $36 romper with a Peter Pan collar and these $44 ankle strap flats.
Much like Pixie Market, ASOS balances out expensive products on its website with a bunch of similar, less-than-$50 options. Plus, since it has sales so frequently, most of the pricey stuff gets knocked into the bargain range, too. (But while you're waiting for that $100 sweater to go half off, check out this maroon and grey $34.49 pullover and this elbow patch cardigan for $37.94.)
For every costs-more-than-$1,000 designer accessory you're coveted, there's a much cheaper, "inspired-by" version here. And because it's handmade, it doesn't count as a knock-off!