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Oscar De La Renta Brings You The Best Dressed Kids in the Universe

Man, fashion week people can take themselves so seriously—all clamoring to get into the same hip after parties, treating seating assignments as an Olympic sport and endlessly trying to out-dress each other.

Yesterday, I avoided the madness of grown-up fashion week and hit the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 Children's Wear show.

And it was so worth it. With an adorable little girl pulling another adorable little girl down the runway in a wagon painted to match their dresses, and sharp-dressed little boys flying down the aisle via scooter, it was the most fun I've had all week. The crowd was clapping, giggling, smiling; no serious fashion week faces anywhere! And the preppy-with-a-playful-twist pieces lived up to the brand's storied reputation—they're the dream outfits of mothers everywhere who aspire to have properly dressed little tots. All the clothes drove me delightfully mad, but the poppy dresses for girls and plaid shorts for boys were stand-outs. And, ahem, I certainly wouldn't mind if they made these three ultra-pretty pieces in my size.

Oscar de la Renta

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