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Shop it Out: The Mindy Project

We knew Mindy Kaling was a kindred spirit after reading her now-defunct blog, Things I’ve Bought That I’ve Loved. (TheConcernsofMindyKaling.com is pretty good, too.)

And while we love Kaling’s fashion-obsessed character Kelly Kapoor on The Office (hey, we never pass up the chance for a lunchtime fashion show), we could barely contain our excitement when Kaling announced she was striking out on her own this fall with The Mindy Project. After watching the pilot on Hulu, we’re officially hooked.

Kaling plays 31-year-old single gynecologist Dr. Mindy Lahiri, who splits her time between delivering babies, going on dates, watching romantic comedies and getting arrested for disorderly conduct. And like Kaling herself, Dr. Lahiri is completely fashion-obsessed, regularly modeling her date night attire for coworkers. (Kelly Kapoor would approve.)

We shopped out our favorite looks from the pilot to hold you over until the September 25 premiere on Fox.

If you’re going to get drunk at your ex’s wedding, a shiny green dress is definitely the way to go.

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