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If you’re going to get drunk at your ex’s wedding, a shiny green dress is definitely the way to go.
Date night a la Mindy involves a lot of (apparently man-unfriendly) sparkle. We think she’d love the sequins and the trendy peplum.
We can’t recommend spending your day in scrubs if you don’t work in a hospital, but a pair of silky trousers is just as comfortable.
Sexy, but not trashy. Just like Mindy.
Even when she’s just hanging around on her couch, Mindy manages to look a lot cuter than we would if we were on call 24/7. We love her star print sweater that rounds out the pilot episode.
As a doctor, Mindy spends a lot of time in a lab coat. Try a white blazer for a more tailored (and less medical) look.