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Creates perfectly flushed cheeks, and has the most blush-inducing name.


You would think that OPI's most popular polish shade would be a red or a pink, right? But it's this eggplant hue that keeps flying off the shelves.
An investment that's worth every penny.
A fragrance that needs no explanation.

This no-frills mascara gets the job done.


Chapsticks come and go (meaning they get lost in the great abyss that is the bottom my handbag), but Aquaphor is forever.


A timeless red by a trusted brand.

Radiance in a tube.


It may not be the most glamorous of shampoos, but it is the best selling in the US.


How often do you wake up looking better than you did the night before? Pretty often, if you use Kiehl's most beloved product.