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10 Stores to Fly to Paris For

Sure, the croissants, the macarons, and the Eiffel Tower aren't terrible—but we really visit Paris for the shopping. These 10 stores will surprise, delight and inspire you to spend lots of money. Because after all, you're on vacation!


The bookstore of my dreams, 0Fr. stocks plenty of cool indie magazines—The Plant, Mark, Self Service, Bon—and tons of great art, fashion and architecture tomes. But there's also a charming selection of fashion and home goods. I especially liked the delicately-scented Quotidiano Brillante candle (an in-house production), pastel wood frame sunglasses by Waiting for the Sun and Carré Royal leather wallets. There's also a tiny gallery in the back.

20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars 75003 Paris
Metro: Temple
Open: 10-8, Monday-Saturday; 2-7, Sunday

Courtesy of 0Fr.

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