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Quite possibly the most upscale take on the studded trend we've ever spotted.

Carven comes full circle.
When a designer as inherently "downtown" as Alex Wang ventures into quilted territory, we notice.
What—you thought a bag designed by Balmain would be understated?

Posh's trio of creams = a perfect palette.

We're not sure sequined florals have ever seemed so wearable—not to mention covetable.

If money's really no object, buy two of these and put one inside the other. That's the matryoshka way!

Chloé's newest, all done up in rich hunter green.
We don't think you're ready for this jelly.

A tweedy little turnlock that'll match any ensemble.

Prismatic perfection.
Celebrate Alber's tenure at Lanvin with the happiest "Happy" bag we've seen to date.
Derek Lam's Fall 2012 collection was one of our favorites that season. This bag's a big part of the reason why.
Needlepoint: not just for grannies.
Baguette's back, alright!
That shark tooth clasp gives this bag major bite.
"Dahling, be a dear and pass me my Gauloises? I can't budge under the weight of this diamond-studded lavalier!"

C'mon—have a little. In us.

This is how Stella does (animal-friendly) croc.
That's a lot of orange, animal print and hardware for such a small carryall. But it totally works. Kenzo's funny like that.
Show us your teeth.
Taylor Swift's a big-time fan—and that's enough for us.
It should come as no surprise that L'Wren's bags are as sleek and chic as her signature sheaths.
No need to pare it down to the bare essentials—this carryall can fit 'em all.
If you're a bride-to-be, skip the bouquet and carry this little treasure instead! And unlike real flowers, it'll last for years.

Tiny, tough and trimmed with a tassel.

Is it jewelry? Is it a bag? It's both, silly!

In the words of Miss Lana Del Rey herself, "Come and talk a walk on the wild side."

Life would be pretty sweet if we owned this little guy.

This'll be the prima ballerina of your handbag collection.

At once simple and exotic—and in the perfect shade of overcast-y blue.

Shooting stars shouldn't be limited to the sky.

Pretty grrreat, no?
One of our favorites from Carol Lim and Humberto Leon's new handbag line, in the cheeriest shade of cherry.

Strictly not for use by schoolkids.

Snakeskin looks sweeter than ever in lemon chiffon.

Fancy a Pashli in screaming pink?
You zig me and I'll zag you back.
It would be a total "lady bag," if it weren't for that ultra-cool neon stripe.
Yeah, we're suddenly remembering Miranda Priestly's "cerulean" spiel too.

A textural take on the classic bowler bag.

We think David Neville and Marcus Wainwright's debut handbag was worth the wait—don't you?

Just when you thought those Proenza boys couldn't tweak their PS1 bag any further, they go and add red edging to the white iteration and we want it.

This might be the most luxe Reed Krakoff bag yet—and that's saying something.
Still hung up on The Row's $39,000 backpack? Get with the program! It's all about the Olsens' bucket bag now.
Hey, nice tips.
Save a crocodile—here's a trompe l'oeil suede version of the exotic skin.
That Tom Ford sure knows his way around a turnlock.
An elegant frame bag gone glitzy.
Vaguely carpet bag-like, but updated in silky smooth suede.