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This palette, part of Bobbi Brown's Come Hither line, also includes gel eyeliner, lengthening mascara and an eyeliner brush.
All that glitters is not always gold.
This grey polish would go great with some handcuffs...
...and this eye shadow with a leather get-up, perhaps?
Turn your lipstick from submissive to dominant with a swipe of this luminizer.
You can keep this little pot in your purse. You never know when your Christian Grey will come a'calling.
It's so subdued...
We think Anastasia Steele would have loved this Cinderella-themed palette, before Christian Grey took her innocence, of course.
Try applying the trio wet for a more dramatic, smoldering look.

Smokey eye made easy.

For anyone who had trouble coloring inside the lines (read: me).
Like Kat Von D's tattoos, her eyeshadow will look just as pigmented the morning after.

I call this one "The Silver Fox."

The fanciest of greys.

It's dark and mysterious.

Grey like an overcast Seattle sky.

Heavy Metal glitter is hard core.

How about a ménage à trois?

An eye primer that doubles as a shadow.
What color to choose for a visit to the ‘Red Room of Pain?'

This mask actually has charcoal in it, which supposedly does wonders with clogged pores.

This is the color of a great white shark. How long until Shark Week?


A lipgloss that shines like Christian's grey eyes.
A greener side of grey.
It's gris, mon cherie.

A liquid metal cream seems perfect for someone with a name like Anastasia Steele...