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Adornia.com Makes Buying Jewelry Online Easier

New site Adornia.com was co-founded by former Lucky accessories editor Becca Aronson, so yeah, we like it because of that. But there's another reason to check out the online jewelry shop that stretches beyond our personal loyalties: not only is her stuff pretty great, it's also organized really well.

Divided into collections like "Deco After Dark" (pearl tassels, chandelier earrings), Adornia makes shopping its jewelry less about where you wear each piece (fingers, ears, neck) and more about what you want it to look like. That makes personal jewelry shopping a more swift, direct thing for girls who know their own style. But it also makes gift-buying an easier thing for guys and friends. Just tell them which of the five collections is most "you," then let them pick something that fits their budget and suits your style. (Our personal favorites from each collection are in the slideshow below, in case you're curious.)

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