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Affordable Accessories to Help Keep You Warm

The following is a guest post from The Budget Fashionista.

This fall, spend your money on really great coats you'll want to keep forever and skimp on the little things instead. Fortunately, with these scarves, gloves and hats, you can cut those corners without anyone knowing it; while all under $50 (and many under $25) each of them is also pretty and well-made.

Like these simple but sort of essential black fingerless gloves. They'll keep your wrists warm when your jacket sleeves are on the shorter side, but they won't stop you from texting to say you're running late because of the snow. That's ideal. And so is their minimalist, clean look, which makes them seem like something you'd find on Shopbop or Netaporter for $80 instead of Amazon for under $10.

For the full list of wallet-friendly accessories, please visit TheBudgetFashionista.com.

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