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Ballin' On a Budget: Clad in Plaid

You have no idea how glad I am we’re still working this plaid flannel trend.

Maybe it’s the Canadian lumberjill in me—I'm, you know, from Canada—or maybe it’s the fact that I was a teenager when Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder had us all in frumpy plaid button downs the first time around.

When the temperature drops, a cozy flannel shirt is the only thing I want to wear. And the options are so open. Whether it’s fitted or baggy, faded or zealously bright, this grunge-inspired shirt can be worn with a blazer to work, an oversize cardigan to brunch, or with your sweatpants curled up on your couch (which may or may not be how I’m writing this now). 

You can buy it new, used, or steal one from your dad or boyfriend. A plaid shirt doesn’t have to cost much to be one of your most worn pieces.

I got this plaid flannel shirt for a whopping $17.99 at Target and I love it. (It's now on sale for $15, which means I might have to get another!) It fits great, the color is awesome. And I already know, from the matching buffalo plaid shirts my mom and I got there two years ago at Target, that I can wash the crap out of it without it fading.

I also love the plaid flannels at Uniqlo. I personally prefer the men’s there, but the women’s come in more colors. I’ve never tried clothes from Kmart, but this shirt looks pretty tempting, and I’ll try anything under $15 once!

And let's not forget the used options. Any vintage store is going to have an entire wall of plaid flannel (otherwise known as hipster heaven). Your local Goodwill will have stacks of them. I guarantee you they will almost all be outlandishly large with unusually big arms (what is UP with that?). But this is one piece of clothing where sizing really doesn’t matter! Slap that XXXL on with some skinny jeans and ankle boots, roll up the sleeves and you’re good to go. (Or belt it and wear it like a dress. Seriously! My editor does that all the time with her husband's LL Bean flannel.)

So I’m stocking up on my cozy flannels, and hoping that—in addition to making my winter wardrobe way cuter—they'll get me a lumberjack. Please note that just because you wear plaid and puffer vests and have a beard, you don’t necessarily qualify. You need to actually know how to cut wood, too.

Mossimo Supply Co. Flannel Top, $15, Target.com

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