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Ballin' On a Budget: These Boots Were Made for Walking

Ladies, I’d like to talk about shoes.

My view on shoes is rather different than clothes. These things go on my feet ALL THE TIME. There’s a reason the phrase “best foot forward” exists. If you’re a New Yorker, you’re on your feet constantly. Which means people expect something good to constantly be happening on your feet.

Cheap shoes just don’t cut it. They can be cute as buttons, but after even just a few wears you’ll start to notice their mortality.

While every now and then I will succumb to a ridiculously cheap pair of shoes, for the most part I’m willing to put some more money into my footwear. The payoff, however, has to be a pair of amazing, wear-all-the-time-for-eternity shoes or boots.

Lucky for me, the PR firm I work for represents Rachel Comey. Since the RC came into my life, I haven’t needed much else. I get to see the collection go down the runway, and make my mental picks then and there! Her shoes and booties are frankly out of my day-to-day price range, but I save up, sacrifice a few nights out, and make it happen every few seasons because it's just plain worth it.

Rachel Comey makes shoes you want to wear. They’re just easy and right and made well. I wear the crap out of her shoes. They last through subway stairs and uneven sidewalks, walking forever and even rain.

But this is not a commercial for Rachel Comey shoes. This is an advocacy for good shoes. They’re important, folks. Your feet should not be in pain. It’s worth it to go out and get a good pair of shoes that fit you right. A good pair of shoes (and an excellent shoe repair guy) will last you for ages. They’re sturdy enough to take re-soling, stretching, and life in general.

A.P.C., Isabel Marant and No. 6 all make shoes that could be this for me. Even if you only get one pair per season, every few years, or even less!, it will be worth it.

While you can find said good shoes in consignment shops or on eBay, to get them at a more palatable price means that they will have to be well-used. While that isn’t a bad thing (I do love a good scuffed up boot!), there is something to be said for being the first and only one to break in a pair of good shoes. They will become one with your foot. You will put them on and your feet will sigh hello.

And believe me, find a shoe repair guy. My guy is the best. Full disclosure: I’ve been going to him since the '90s, when my cousins introduced me. They wouldn’t go to anyone else, and I learned why.

He can do work like nothing ever happened. I find myself questioning what it was he was fixing to begin with. When I lived in England I would hoard up shoes and bring them over on the plane to get fixed. That is loyalty. My guy is Hector’s on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, but if you aren’t NY-based, do your research. Ask your friends. Go on Yelp. A good shoe repair place is not subjective, they’re either good or they're not. And if they're good, other ladies will not hesitate to sing their praises. With the help of a professional, your shoes will last you for decades.

I know it isn’t easy to fork over three-digit numbers for anything (especially when the first digit isn’t even a one) but I promise, it’s worth it.

These Mars booties are my new best friends. As long as brown ankle boots are sartorially sanctioned, these will be with me. I think it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Mars ankle boot, $403, rachelcomey.com


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