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Meet Big Rich Texas' New Cast Members, Cindy and Alex

Earlier this year, Dallas made our list of the top 25 best cities for shopping. It wasn't just because of where its people shop, though, but because of how they shop—as in, a lot. Scary a lot. In my research I remember talking to a dude from American Express who said that their single biggest fashion retail charge last year was at a store in Dallas; nothing in New York City or Los Angeles even came close.

I believe it, especially after talking to a couple of the city's soon-to-be-famous residents, Cindy and Alex Davis. The mother-daughter pair are the newest additions to the Style Network's reality show Big Rich Texas, and they align with that old Texas adage that everything's better when bigger. Even credit card bills.

Unlike her daughter Alex, who shops less methodically, Cindy likes to "buy a ton at one time and then return what doesn't work." For that reason, online stores and local boutiques don't really suit her. "They're so limited on their return policies," she explained, adding, "instead, I shop mostly at Neiman Marcus." (The Dallas-based department store is famously lenient, accepting returns within the first two months for 100 percent credit, third and fourth months for 75 percent credit and fifth and sixth months for 50 percent credit.)

That "buy now, decide later" policy is a nice one for anyone with cushion in their bank account—why commit in store when you can mull it over at home?—and an especially good policy for Cindy.  When asked what she thought of her style after watching it on film, she said, "For next season, I will totally change everything that I buy! This season I wore a lot of animal prints and they were so unflattering on camera." Sounds like she'll need to go shopping.

In the meantime, though, we'll enjoy watching everything she and her daughter Alex wear on the show, and if their favorite recent purchases are any indication—16-year old Alex's black Frye boots, Cindy's purple studded Brian Atwood pumps—it's sure to be good eye candy. (Sorta like this season's screaming fights in country clubs and Botox injection parties.)

Watch Big Rich Texas on the Style Network at 8 PM EST, starting Sunday, October 7.

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