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CC Creams Are the New New Thing

While many of us Stateside are just discovering the gloriousness that are BB ceams, in Asia, they're already on to the CC.

CC creams not only fight aging, provide SPF and moisturize, but they also color correct (hence the name).

I'm not usually one to buy into "crazes" especially when it comes to beauty products. Really, how much different could the two be? But this week I had the chance to test out WEI to Go Beauty's version of the product—one of the three CC creams available in the U.S right now—and I'm officially a fan.

Unlike the BB creams I've used, which act as more of a primer, the CC cream provides coverage that makes my skin look pretty flawless, without making me feel like I have makeup caked on. It's like a foundation on steroids.

Click through to shop the CC creams you can get your hands on now, and keep your eyes peeled, because more brands (like Chanel and Clinique) will be bringing their color correctors to US stores in the coming months.

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