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Celebrity DJs: Their Best Looks

Once upon a time, DJs were just those random dudes who spun tunes at your sister's Sweet 16. But recently, the job's been overtaken by well-dressed girls who, in addition to playing weekly or even nightly gigs at lounges and industry events, sit front-row at fashion shows and are BFFs with many of the artists whose songs they play.

From established style icons (hi, Alexa and Leigh!) to up-and-coming DJ darlings (what up, Hannah and Chelsea!), click through to meet some of our favorite ladies on the music-spinning scene—and shop their style, too. And while most of them rely on laptops rather than vinyl for their DJ duties, that doesn't stop them from getting inspired by past decades when it comes to their stellar wardrobes.

Hannah Bronfman

The Look: Eclectic and contemporary, with a focus on earthy tones.

The Gigs: This eco entrepreneur helps her brother Ben run Green Owl, a sustainable music-meets-fashion company. She generally DJs at smaller events and intimate New York hotspots, and has appeared in lookbooks and campaigns for the likes of Calypso St. Barth and Kaelen. Oh, and did we mention M.I.A. is her sister-in-law?

The Essentials:
Printed pants, chunky-heeled sandals and something crocheted.

WWD/Steve Eichner (left, center), WireImage (right)

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