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Cool iPhone Cases to Buy Right Now

We live by the iPhone, we die by the iPhone. That may be melodramatic, but seriously, my phone is one of my most important possessions. Sure, I have an original portrait of myself by Pablo Picasso above my toilet, a solid gold pair of boots and Cerberus the three-headed dog of Greek mythology, but my phone is way more valuable than those because it has Instagram (duh). Between the fumbling from music to phone, the crossing of wires and the would-be ravagings of my pets, I put my cell in serious jeopardy at all times. Thankfully, my health teacher from high school told me to always wrap it up. So follow along, my Instagramming friends, as I share some of the best cases I could find.

Kate Spade

Think Kate Spade is all polka dots and stripes? Think again. She smokes, she drinks, she swears—and she does it with abandon and a dash of charm.