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Kate Spade
Think Kate Spade is all polka dots and stripes? Think again. She smokes, she drinks, she swears—and she does it with abandon and a dash of charm.
Jack Spade
We have a saying among the web team at Lucky: "We never met a photo print we didn't like."
Rebecca Minkoff
This is the perfect case if you only send and receive texts from one person that isn't your mom.

This charging case is a miracle come true. Now you can Instagram without fear of a lost battery. Go ahead and refresh your inbox every minute, because YOU'VE GOT THE POWAH.

Jagger Edge
If anybody knows how to work with mustaches, it's the Dannijo girls.
This case features a dog wrapped in ribbons. Reason enough to make the purchase? I think yes.

If this iPhone case had a commercial, it would be a million Lanvin-clad models answering their phones whispering, "Alber."

Probably not, but this is likely the only way Alber Elbaz is going to engage with your cellular telephone device.


Whoever already owns this is the coolest person I've ever met in my life.

It's all natural!