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For the quirky art teacher who lives in handcrafted muumuus. (Because really, what else would you know to get her?)
For the teacher who seems sorta on the fence about you or your kid: it's a little expensive, but looks WAY more so. Ensuing guilt trip is all but guaranteed.
For your English teacher: it's a pretty safe bet this scent's part of why he got into the profession in the first place.
For the pseudo-aristocratic teacher (he wears ascots, she collects first editions): something to dress up the teachers' lounge coffee.
For the too-cool professor with the James Dean swagger: life's not Pretty Little Liars—you can't date him—but you can give him this badass little matchbox.
For the professor who hangs a poster of his prestigious, $60,000-per-year alma mater above the chalkboard: something to indugle that nostalgia.
For the faculty member who's every student's favorite: a little something fun (yet sorta fancy) for his family nights and poker nights.
For the over-tired teacher with a permanent caffeine drip: something to help him find that little white cup in a sea of scattered paper.