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Be the Coolest Party Guest With This Imbibing Accessory (It's Under $20!)

Soiréehome Tilt Chilling Sphere, 50% Off, Lucky Breaks Price: $8.99 to $17.49
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Soiréehome Tilt Chilling Sphere—50% Off

Your friend brings over a bottle of something delicious and you each want a glass ASAP. But—oh, buzzkill—the booze is lukewarm. Instead of resorting to ice cubes (they'll melt and dilute your top-shelf hooch!), grab a couple of Tilt Chilling Spheres from the freezer and drop them in your glasses. The sleek stainless steel orbs will keep your drink icy-cold for hours, won't mess with its original flavor and are so James Bond–meets–Mad Men cool. Just the thing for the regular entertainer, cocktail connoisseur or thoughtful guest.

Regular price: $17.99 and $34.99 Lucky Breaks price: $8.99 and $17.49

How to get it: Go to soireehome.com and enter "luckydaily4" at checkout. Discount applies to the single and twin Tilt.

Offer is valid from 11:00 a.m. ET on October 25, 2012, to 10:59 a.m. ET on October 26, 2012, or while supplies last. Discounts and prices do not include shipping or taxes.

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