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Dorothy's Dress Gets Auctioned, Donatella on Being Blonde and More From Around the Web

That infamous white-and-blue checkered dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz is going up for auction and will probably sell for about $500,000. [Guardian UK]

Sarah Palin might not be on this year's presidential ticket, but she's finding other ways to keep busy. The former VP nominate is working on a book about diet and fitness—because clearly, that makes sense with the rest of her career. [People]

Susie Bubble asked Donatella Versace some really fun questions. For instance, "What do you think when people call Versace tacky?" and "Do blondes really have more fun?" However, you might have to watch a few times to decipher the answers, because Donatella's accent is pretty thick. (Which is fine, because it's DONATELLA TALKING and that in and of itself is fascinating.) [Style Bubble]

Facebook members can now click a "want" button on items within select brand pages to create a shopping wishlist. Or at least in theory—users have been trying it with mixed results. [Fashionista]

Jemma Kidd's namesake cosmetics line has announced that it is "going into administration," which is the fancy British way of saying bankrupt. But despite the tough situation, the former model is staying optimistic. She recently tweeted, "It's so sad but it's not over. I was just too trusting. Light as air foundation will be back. Watch this space." [Telegraph]

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