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Fancy Dresses for Your Third Trimester

Before I got knocked up, I never gave much thought to what I would wear when I was very very pregnant. I guess I figured I would wear a lot of drapey tunics and black leggings and hibernate like a mama bear. But as luck would have it, my third trimester has coincided with the publication of my first novel, Sad Desk Salad (available on October 2), which is about a blogger who works for a popular women’s website (I jokingly refer to it as The Devil Wears Sweatpants).

This is a blessing, of course, but it also means that I need to make several public appearances while smuggling a basketball under my stomach. I can’t really wear my blogging rags for those events. Did I also mention that in my eighth and ninth months of pregnancy I have four weddings to attend?

So for the past month, I’ve been scouring the web and my favorite stores for great dresses. First I tried maternity stores, but found that in general their clothing made me resemble a sea lion. I ordered a bright cobalt silk dress from a maternity website that boasts its celebrity clientele, and it made me look like a giant blueberry (paging Violet Beauregarde).

Things looked up considerably when I stopped trying on maternity clothes and instead searched for regular dresses that were extremely forgiving. I worried that those dresses would be too short in the front because my belly was sticking out so far, but these styles are cut in a way that it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Not only did those dresses end up making me look about a thousand times more elegant, I can still wear them after I pop out our baby girl.

Here are my five favorite ones I tried on. I have purchased one so far, and if I manage to win the Powerball in the next week, there are about 14 more Isabel Marant muumuus I would splurge on.

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The draping in the front and the darting in the back make this dress fall perfectly around a growing belly.

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